I admit I have taken the time management classes. I do not think they have helped yet. Either they are not helping or I do not have a realistic view on how long it takes to do things.

Simple human nature/factors interfere in my carefully calculated time schedule. Such as right now. I should be in bed thinking of wonderful new stories to write, instead I am typing on my blog for the simple fact I have been absent from it.

So absent, that a simple five minute task of opening the blog should not have taken ten minutes.  Open main email, find username and password to second email, find username to blog. Enter password in wrong the first time. Second time was the charm.

Now, if I had retained any of the skills or lessons from any of those courses. I would have all of this information logically placed somewhere requiring no ‘clicks’ to open one website.

Everthing should have a place and a time. Even human nature should be included and given a few minutes. I have since then given human nature all the minutes and feel I am lucky to get just a teeny tiny bit of writing done.