I have recently had the pleasure of discussing writing with a fellow colleague. Something we share is the wish to become published. We also wish we had a group to write with, that thankfully is in the works. Now we must simply become dedicated and serious. Anything to encourage and support ourselves. 

I am also graced with the support of friends who give honest criticism. It helps that one has an English major and has the tactand confidence to read my work and give me suggestions in a caring manor.  I have to say I spend more time laughing at myself when errors are pointed out to me. I am also learning new things, or rather relearning all those terms and sentence structures I forgot in high school.

So I am in the process of writing short stories for school and researching topics for longer books.

I can go forward, simply because I have this small system of support. Hopefully it will grow larger as I meet new people, and gain the maturity I’ll need in writing to publish.

In this world anything is possible, especially when you have people behind you.