Camping is an adventure that you need to take a vacation from. Sadley I must work tomorrow. It is amazing how tired you can become from simply tent camping one night.

It took two and a half hours to leave. I was packed, ready to leave, then needed gas. Got the gas, on the way out of town, the phone call. “Where are you going next?” Well I was going to Wal mart, so go to Wal mart, get what I need and then some. Run back home drop off the requested item, to the storage unit! Yeah.

Spend time looking for all the camping gear. Find it, drive an hour and a half to the next Wal mart. (hmm… possible pattern?) Walk up and down the SUPER Wal mart to find food, dried goods, a flashlight(see I forgot something. The nice lantern type flashlight sitting on my bed back home. It was still there when I got back.) and lighter fluid.

Drive another 45 minutes to the camp ground. Get a tent spot. Did I mention this was tent camping? Not the nice reserve a trailer with a real bed camping. No, the sleep in a sleeping bag on the hard ground trying not to end up with all the blood rushing to your head because the ground is tilted, tent camping.

Got checked in, found a site (close to bathrooms and playground… not so sure that was the best), set up tent and lay out sleeping bags, go back to Wal mart to pick up a charcoal grill and charcoal grill. Who knew that due to all of this hot weather there were no open camp fires. Finally back to camp ground. By now it’s 4 o’clock in the afternoon. I am tired.

Finish unpacking all of the equipment, prepare grill, get fishing license. Now fishing would be okay if I was only watching one pole. But I spent a half hour feeding the fish bait. Bobber goes down, fish gets away. Fall back for dinner…. drum roll please: HOT DOGS!!! Now aren’t those the best?? I actually managed toasty, crispy, burnt hotdogs. The best! 🙂

The campground had a fun family event: Hula dancers. They were great ittty bitty little girls to middle aged women. By that time it was time for bed. Somehow amongst all the kids not going to bed, the guy in the next tent who snores loud enough to wake me up in the middle of the night, I fell asleep.  Thank God for sleeping bags rated at 30 degrees.

Morning. Oh was it cold. Took forever to willingly crawl out of bed and go make breakfast. Luck Charms and bananas.

Get ready for the day, crafts, start tearing down the campsite, playground, make lunch(hot dogs :D). Let charcoal cool, go look for golf balls to play miniture golf. None. Next option, swimming. Doesn’t last long, but wastes time. Finish cleaning up tent site, go to icecream social. Head home, realize I am too old to sleep on the ground.

Stop at Starbucks, need coffee! Drive home, unload car at storage unit, unload car at house. 3 hours later, still exhausted.