This is my first time participating in the blog chain on Absolute Write. Here’s the question coryleslie asked me:

“You mention miracles in multiple posts on your blog. What constitutes a miracle to you, and do you plan to factor this into your writing?”

Honestly, I believe miracles are those little moments when you look back and say, “ah, I understand.” Only to realize you have no idea how such a thing came to be. Miracles happen everyday. A miracle can simply be the fact that you realize how someone is, and that you accept them for them.

Love itself is a miracle. How can two people fall in love and stay together for the rest of their lives? To trust someone to that extent is in and of itself a miracle. You have to trust that when you say, “Here. This is who I am.” That, that person will wrap you in their arms and accept you, warts and all. I find it a miracle the people who love whole heartily, are left broken and torn, only to go out and try it/do it again. And the ones that do find that love, I am envious of their miracle.

Maybe miracles are merely the insane finally accomplishing the result from their repetitous choices. Or, maybe a miracle isn’t a miracle, but a simple understanding and acceptance of what is.

I don’t know if I’ll factor miracles into my writing. I more than likely will. Since I am finding the  people around me to be little miracles. For some, just how with all the adversity in their life, how they came out to be such caring and sincere individuals. The more I think on it, the more I think I will. How else will the world see the miracle that a simple mind observes in the flowers and trees.

Here’s my question for Raven:  You’ve mentioned an annoyance with people who butcher the English Language, your co-workers and your animals throughout your blog. How do they influence your writing, and do you use any of them as models for main or supporting characters?

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