Recently we added a rule in the house limiting screen time. I never knew how much time was spent in front of an electronic screen until I had to find other things to do besides sitting in front of  an entertainment unit on the weekend. Kinda makes me think of “Wall-E”, where he finds all of the humans being taken care of in the space station, sadly out of shape. I think about myself and realize that while I am still moving on my own two feet, I’m not entertaining myself or interacting with real people as much as I could, and yes, sadly out of shape.

Now, thanks to the new electronics rule in the house (details are still being hashed out) I will have to first write my blogs with paper and pen. I did that today and was able to spend more time writing down ideas and scribbling adding onto them than when I try to write in this post. Go figure.

The RULE as it stands; two hours a day Monday through Friday and three hours each, Saturday and Sunday. Looking at it, it doesn’t seem like that much time. I would like more time, especially on the weekends. However, I have noted one benefit: I go to bed at a decent hour now.

From one Sunday, I realized how much time I spent in front of the television, in front of the computer screen, in front of an audio book. I’m fine with the lack of TV, just don’t take away my internet. I really do not mind not watching television. Simply because I am usually the one who sits down and watches what ever show or channel the set is left on. Rarely do I ever change it, maybe if it is a really bad show. For me it is pleasant noise and an escape. Maybe I should have learned to turn it off?

Well now I can and will. Why use my internet time on TV? Maybe a little time on Saturday morning cartoons. 🙂