Okay, so it’s the first week of November. I am once again participating in Abosolute Write’s Blog Chain. This month we are following the theme of lists, more specifically what we as a writer need in order to write. Thanks to all my fellow bloggers for their patience this month, I kinda let this fall through the cracks and didn’t pay attention to time. Sorry!

Time, would be my number one. I squeeze writing in everywhere, at work at home, I’ll think about it. Just not while I am driving, that could be bad.

Reading, something to read is always nice. I just have to stop the reading sometimes and get to writing.

Allowing myself time for procrastination. I have to day dream a little sometimes or not look at the narly twist in my plot in order to go forward.

Space, a place to spread out helps. Usually I don’t have much space so the corner of the couch or the floor works in a pinch. So does the desk at work on break time.

Paper and pen (pencil fades). Yes, because my computer cannot go everywhere with me I use paper. I actually like the mechanics of physically writing and can keep up with my ideas better. I have learned, write on one side of the paper, then everything will paste into the notebook better.

When at home, my computer unless it’s not on, then paper and pen.

A plot and characters that hold my attention, if I am interested in what they are doing and where they are going, I can usually write on anything anywhere and not have the first half of the sentence left from the last time I wrote.

And something to drink; coffee, tea and water all work.

PS: a deadline of somesort helps me too. Otherwise I follow the “one day…” thought about writing.



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