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December 2010

December AW Blog Chain

The ‘topic’ if you will for December is “Hint Fiction”.  A story in less than 25 words. No problem right?

Well if you have followed the chain you have seen the triumphs and trials of creating these short pieces of work.

I keep trying to change mine, but it’s that whole add a word subtract a word that has gotten me. I hope you enjoy it.

Before I forget, JHUK is the post before mine; and GradyHendrix is next.

Okay! Here’s mine…

They cringed at the sound. Remembering their first landing, and the words that followed:

“Dammit! They never fold quick enough.”

The newest Harbinger had arrived.

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Almost there…

Okay, a while ago I started pursuing my Masters in Accounting and Finance Management. So not going well. I have since then changed to a certificate program, but will be taking a session off before finishing my last to classes.

There is a lot more to accounting than I had first thought. I didn’t realize all the rules and regulations that were out there. ( I mean that’s why I decided not to become an architect, too many rules) There’s GAAP, iGAAP, SOX, FASB… the list of governmental regulators is vast.

I can see why CFO’s are jumping ship and that it is no longer a stepping stone to the CEO position. They now must understand and comprehend their financial statements. I don’t comprehend them… oh well. I like my job.

Now home?? Not so much. Well we won’t go there…

But soon… I will be on break and able to go back to Absolute Write. I tried to do NANOWRIMO this year. Didn’t work. I did get 2,000 words written though. Had to take a leave of absence from ICL, take that back up in February, so between now and then I need to pull out my homework and get it done. Only thing? I dropped the portable hard drive it is on and have to send it in to get everything retrieved, IF they can. That totally sucks.

Well the new year is coming up, let’s make it a better one!!

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