I had the chance to be stuck driving on the street one day and be behind a pedestrian who insisted on walking the entire block length going from one side of the street to the next. In a diagonal line! Just crossing the street. AAAHHH!!!!

Well anyways this kind of  popped into my head on the way home. Not sure of the genre though.



See light turn red; look for cars, cross street.


See cars stop, look for more cars, cross street…


The programmer ran her hands through her hair in frustration, the droid sat plugged in to the computer system as she attempted to run a new program that would hopefully get him across the street without another accident.

“I am programmed to learn as I go.” Max-418 said as he watched his creator grow more frustrated.

Observe street lights, observe cars, walk to corner of sidewalk, walk when light =walk


Walk in front of cars when cars are stopped. Look all four ways before crossing street.

Make sure all cars are stopped.

 ‘Delete!’ she removed the words again, the sequence wasn’t adding up and she know she was forgetting something.

Walk into street between cars…

“Okay, knock it off and let me write this.” She continued to type.

GO to corner of sidewalk


FACE Direction wish to travel

WAIT for crossing signal to = WALK IF not WALK then WHITE MAN SYMBOL


CROSS STREET; Carry out previous activity before intersection.

She pushed the download button and waited.

Download complete flashed across her screen.

Max-418 unplugged himself, “I’ll go to the store for those parts now.”

“Okay,” the programmer had turned to programing the satellite when a troublesome thought crossed her mind.

“Did I forget something?” The sound of tires screeching and a loud bang was her answer. With a huge sigh she saved the work she was currently processing and searched the messy loft for her ID and bank card. The police would need to deduct funds for delivery and charges, and set up the link to her insurance. She pondered the thought that it was sad that she knew the routine, though it wasn’t always her fault.

At the pounding on her door she opened it. Well Max-148 was in pieces. She handed the cards to the officer and wheeled the basket to her work bench. She proceeded to unload Max-148 and plugged him into the computer system while the office ran her cards.

Once he was done and the door to the loft shut; she started the program to build new parts for Max-148.


She hit enter. Looking at the time the programmer realized she needed to recharge. She went and lay down on the custom built bed. Once she was confortable she reached into the door in her forearm, retrieved the cord and plugged herself into the charging station.

System standby. Recharge 24 hours: FILE MAX-1.