I am currently reading “Making a Literary Life” by Carolyn See.

1,000 words a day. I keep seeing this in authors’ advise to the fledgling writer. When and how do you get in 1,000 words?

So I am going to try for 200 words. This is one-fifth of the recommended amount. And it may take me longer.

But hey, this right now is a hobby. Wouldn’t mind getting paid for it, it would be fun! I have an assignment due  -yes it is writing! 🙂 I wonder if it counts? I have a blanket and a pair of socks to knit. I have a nine-year old who requires my attention and I am healing from jaw surgery. (A topic for another blog).

But back to the 1,000 words. What are those 1,000 words supposed to be about? The book you are currently working on? The blog that you can’t seem to keep up with? The idea that keeps percolating in your head?

Another thing I’ve seen suggested is writing a brief note to someone in the literary world each day. Ummmm-hmmmm… What do you say in those? Who do you write? how? where? ugh….

Yes, it makes sense, your name gets out there. But which name? hah!

So far now, I will try to write 200 words in between everything else. And once I am consistent with that I’ll try 300, then 500 (what’s 200 more?) then 750, and eventually 1000.

I am starting to have this sinking feeling I lack imagination.

Maybe if I keep three – four ideas running… Now where and how do I fit in research?

               An unlearned writer 🙂