Okay, either it was a moment of “stand-up for myself brilliance” or an absolute “stupid-cannot-believe-you-did-that” move.

Last night was Halloween, one can only tour the parking lot so long with children in the back seat before you get an idea to hop out and stand in the empty space two rows over as you wait for our car to come around. Now I remember first learning how to drive and going to the fair or the drive-in (yes, I did just date myself) and the passengers got out and stood in the spot while you drove the car around. No one thought anything of it and it was respected, accepted. Shoot, sometimes people were parking out in the spot in fold out chairs as they waited for the rest of the cars in their party.

Okay, back to last night, a car got in front of the one I was waiting for and was rather rude about me not moving. The passenger said they had been driving around looking for a spot, well honey so had I. I stood, was not moving, am now glad they didn’t run me over. But as they drove away, the wonderful lady passenger made sure I was told “how un-Christlike can you be!”

Of course, my thought, which I did not verbalize was, “And you are?” Now how polite was that on my part. I am still out on the jury of whether or not that was a smart move or a bad move. And in this day and age, I am grateful that I was not shot, the car was not vandalized, and we were not bombed because there was a disagreement over whether or not standing in the parking stall reserved that passenger’s car the spot or the car that pulls in the lane gets it first no matter what.

I will say this, to the wonderful lady who was so upset I wouldn’t give her my spot, “I am sorry, I hope you had a wonderful Halloween trick-or-treating. Thank you for the wonderful note telling me I should be happy you didn’t damage my car (by the way I am).”

I think in the future I will just drop the kids off at the door and hoof the two miles from parking spot to mall entrance.