This month is a mock review of  either a writing we have done or one we would like to do.

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My Review:

THREE by Elyza J may just be a copy of the wonderful Shanara books. Elyza takes her main character, an unbelievable ‘nothing’ and makes the heroine into something through nuclear contamination in a world left after multiple nuclear bombs explode.

THREE starts off with the beginning of World War III. It briefly and quickly goes through the final attacks of the war following the young heroine in her escape from the sinking ship with fellow shipmates, their survival in contaminated and shark infested water. It follows the heroine and her shipmates as they search for survivors, for a safe place to live and a new awareness and awakening to the sci-fi reality that paranormal and supernatural powers exist.

This could be a wonderful beginning and cornerstone for future novels, if Elyza J can add more meat to her characters and strengthen the transitions between the different scenes. Further research into military manoeuvres, foreign politics and evolution would improve the fragile believability of what could happen should World War III ever break out.

All in all, Elyza J shows us a possibility of the total destruction that could happen to our planet if a nuclear war was to commence, though in a rough round-about way.

J Elyzabeth