I have to say it, I tried not to. I tried to keep my calm and just go with the flow. Now I may be a little anal and OCD, but why can people  NOT pull into the gas station following the arrows? Why must they pull in and mess traffic up? Is society so impatient they cannot wait in line?

Safeway gas stations… Two rows of pumps and the little one in the middle. Now I know I saw the original arrows once upon a time, and normally there is one way in and one way out. Pull in on the left side of the lane, if your tank is on the right, the opposite for tanks on the left. Makes sense to me. (Costco fixed this by drawing lanes at their gas stations and adding stanchions so people can only come in one way).

My rant though, is it seems there is always one person who either backs in or pulls in facing the wrong way causing a traffic jam as people try to get to the pumps. I swear I pull into the gas station to get gas and someone is facing in the wrong direction with the nose of thier vehicle pulled into where I need to park my car in order for the nozzle to reach the tank. Do people not see that by not waiting the two minutes in line they cause others to wait longer because people following the flow of traffic have to wait for them to move? Even better are the people who line up behind the person going against traffic.

I am all for going your own way, following the beat to your own drum. But, please!!! Not at the gas station.