It’s a new year! And the year is 2013.  Good or bad?

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13, thirteen.

Oh, the math just wasn’t right. How did she end up with 13?

Anna-pet looked around again. The kitchen was a mess, silver was missing and Tom would be home soon. With six couples of their friends for the party they were hosting over the weekend.

After the last party they had hosted last month she’d put them away after cleaning them. There’d been 14. There’d been 14. Anna-pet went and looked in the drawer again. Looked under the tray.

“How the blazes do a spoon, a knife and a fork grow feet?”

Anna-pet looked at the phone in her hand, she could call… No that wouldn’t work. Thinking quickly over what was for dinner, chicken, steak, salad and a veggie tray. Face lighting up Anna-pet started cleaning the formal dining room. She looked at the time just enough. She pulled the side board into the large living room and started putting out the food. Quickly counting chairs and seats she moved two of the large armchairs back and went to grab pillows from the playroom. Those would be easy to move back. Quickly she put the house to rights, they’d be here any minute.

Looking over the seating arrangements, she laughed. Thirteen. However, the irony here was correct. There would only be thirteen seated. The past six years, Tom had been her seat at these gatherings.

Clapping her hands with joy, Anna-pet went to stand in the foyer and wait for everyone to come in. She’d heard the car doors.

Tom was through the doors first, came to greet her and upon seeing she was calm smiled at her. Raising an eyebrow simultaneously with his hand, he opened it.