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January 18, 2013

Thursday Thoughts (Favorite Authors)

J Elyzabeth’s
10 top favorite authors
1. Sean Michael
2. Lynn Hagen
3. Joyee Flynn
4. Gabrielle Evans
5. J R Ward
6. Sherrilyn Kenyon
7. Charlene Richards
8. Laurann Dohner
9. Kim Dare
10. Jesus
11. Not an author but, the whole “Midnight Matings” series and the “Unmated at Midnight” one. (There too much fun!!)


Thursday Thoughts


Flash Fiction Friday

Make up I missed last Friday. Only realizing it today after planning and telling myself that I was going to blog more this year, I had the grand idea that I would blog three times a week. Uh, a little ambitious much? So after searching through various blogs I ran across one of my favorite author’s live journal; Sean Michael (M/M; M/F; etc.)

I have to say so far I have loved most of his books, but the live journal was a hoot!

Since in Absolute Write they also do flash fics, I thought I could do that. OF course missed the first one, so Make Up!

FYI: Blogging and helping with an 11 year old’s State Report… Do not go together.

Bibliographies are not fun!!

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