Nat and Jake…



“Frank” Jake sat down at the table and listened as Frank introduced the rest of the men sitting at the table.

He was grateful that the mechanic knew of and was a member at Whipsacord. It was what allowed him in without having to wait the month or pay. He scanned the place, tastefully decorated and dark in the areas it needed to be. The large stage took up most of the wall at one end, the bar and doors to the kitchen took up the wall opposite where they were sitting. He looked to see if there was anyone here for him tonight. Though if he found a potential keeper he wasn’t against it, at 38 Jake was done playing the field if he could.

He and Frank went way back, when Frank had first introduced him to the scene. Frank had been his mentor, showed him the ropes so to speak. Had shown him how you treat a lover, provided stories and life lessons, examples of what to do and not do. Frank had also been there when his dad died, when he was not ready to take over his company. But tonight, tonight was for him. Not the company.

Now as the new president of McClure Automotives, Jake was ready to settle down. He’d been this was a few time to visit, scope out the competition, to how the industry was doing. This visit was purely for personal reasons.

“There he is” Frank nodded towards a young gentleman just taking a seat at the bar.

Jake saw the man Frank was talking about. Thin, maybe 5’7” or 5’8”, he couldn’t tell from the distance or the clothes but Jake didn’t think the man was unfit. Frank had told him a little about Nat, and he wanted to know more. He got up and walked over to him, as he got closer he could see the lost look in Nat’s eyes, the nerves about being in the bar. Obviously a newbie…