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February 2013

Thursday Thoughts -February 28

It’s Thursday again and the end of February. Where did the month go? I know it’s shorter than the others, but still… As I am writing I am listening to J R Ward’s Lover Reborn. I like this series and am waiting for the release of the next one on March 26th. If I am reading the synopsis of her other series correctly, this next one may be her first man-love book. This series has skirted the issue of gay romance for the last nine books. I can’t wait to see how she handles it. I am actually supposed to be working but am finding it hard to concentrate.

Waiting for authors to release the next in a series can be very frustrating. I don’t know if anyone else experiences the ‘night-before-Christmas’ expectations of a book release. I can only compare it to Christmas or as a child the expectant feeling one has leading up to their birthday in hopes that all of the hints, notes, flat-out “This is what I want” will come true when they open their presents. And when the book meets or exceeds the expectations it is a great feeling, you got what you wanted. But, you can also feel that deep disappointment that what you were building the book up to be actually ended up not being reality and the book fell short or flat; or you discovered you no longer enjoyed the characters as much as you had in the book before.

I can imagine that may be something authors try to avoid; a book or character ending up flat. A series that no longer inspires but now regurgitates the material. I honestly think you can only have so many saves from the end of the world before the characters either must die or the world must be saved. How many times can an evil shadow come and overtake the world? At what point does the author politely tell the readers “this is the end”? And even better, how do you resurrect a series that has clearly reached its end but not all of the characters have had their story told? I have seen a few authors create series that are in tandem to their first one or branch off of the first one. I think this works if you can keep all the details straight from the first series in the second one. Only because if anyone else reads as I do, I have been known to go look in previous books to pick up the trail of how an event came to be.

All in all, I think there is much to being an author. A lot of hard work and careful planning so the characters and story lines don’t take off in a direction you are not willing to go. Then again sometimes it is that off-roading that can create a wonderful story line.


Thursday Thoughts – February 22

Okay, so I am a day late with my Thursday Thoughts post. And I could have done this last nigh. However, Sampson by Joyee Flynn came out yesterday and I so had to read it. There are a few of her series that I abso love. The resistant Omegas being just one.

But my thought was Tags vs. Categories. Which do you choose? How do you use them. And I still don’t get it. I think.

I was so excited when I figured out how to make the categories function as a menu and be able to track straight to the subject idea I wanted. I was having a hard time finding previous posts that I wanted BUt I think I have that now. And I may have to make a few more because I am not so sure “Jake and Nat” is a tag, or a category?

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Flash Fiction Friday

Nat and Jake…

“Excuse me,” Nat pulled his phone out of his pants pocket and looked at it. It was a text from Frank.

He’s a good guy. If you want to learn, ask.

That was all. Nat looked up at the man in front of him, “Frank said to trust you.”

Jake smiled and nodded at the kid. “Call me Sir and drink your water.”

Nat followed the order, not quite sure why but it gave him an excuse to think. Putting the empty bottle down he looked at the man in front of him. Tall, 6’2″ maybe? Muscled, if the black t-shirt was telling the truth, the tight, black, leather jeans left nothing to the imagination though. Nat blushed finding himself starring, wondering; it had been so long. He quickly glanced up and then looked away seeing the amused and lustful look on the man’s face.

Jake was intrigued, this was a pretty color on his new pet. The fact that he trusted him based solely on one man’s word made him see the naiveté that was still so much a part of Nat. He knew the basic back story. Not the why’s, these he would have to get from Nat himself. But Frank had told him. Said the kid needed to lose himself for the weekend, for a while. Maybe even find himself.

“You will follow me. We are going to one of the rooms upstairs. No speaking. I will allow for questions when we get there.” That was more than he ever told a sub, but he could see the anxiousness in Nat’s eyes. He didn’t want that. Something about this younger man called to him, he didn’t know what but he planned on finding out. That and the way the kid literally plastered himself to Jake’s back as he maneuvered them through the crowd to the stairs. This could be a good night.

Nat found himself following the man across the floor. He didn’t know where they were going and didn’t want to get lost in the throng of gyrating bodies. So he was closer to Sir than he normally would have been and would probably bump into him if he didn’t pay attention. They made it across the dance floor to the doorway in the back by the stairs. There was a desk with a guard sitting behind it and behind the guard a set of hooks. All the hooks had labels like, the black room, the school room, the office, the washroom, and even a few labeled vanilla.  Nat wondered why they were labeled that way. Some of the hooks had keys, Nat assumed that the ones without keys were in use. Nat watched while Sir and the guard discussed the available rooms. Sir finally took a key to one of the free ‘vanilla’ rooms and started walking away. Nat followed quickly not wanting to be left behind and found himself walking down a hallway heading towards an elevator. Nat watched as a couple exited the elevator with a look of absolute satisfaction on both of their faces. He looked at Sir wide-eyed…

The Ghost’s Bad Day

This month’s prompt: Suggest-A-Prompt

In our blog chains we have so many good prompt ideas that don’t get used, so it’s now time to mix it up. Posters get to suggest a prompt for the next blogger in line! With each post less than 1000 words there are sure be some great quick reads!

My post is at the end of all the participants list. My topic for randi.lee is, “The Wrong Bar.”

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A Ghost’s Bad Day

Stay hidden. Stay silent. Watch the target. Takeover said target’s life. Of course no one double checked to make sure Ashly Venz was female and able to take over Ashley Wilson’s life. Similar height, similar build. God, Ashly hated that he was small. It just wasn’t fair that at 25 he was still so tiny. How many times had the team had to pull him out of a situation they put him in? It wasn’t fair. Though he had to give the girl props, she had an awesome wardrobe to choose from. He’d already been looking in her apartment. They’d never meet, but while she was overseas on assignment he’d stay here and take over her job.

Wait! That wasn’t, oh no! “SHE HAS A BOYFRIEND!!!” Ashly turned to Gibs. “NO way, no way. I am not taking over for her if she has a boyfriend! I can’t!” Ashly turned back to watch the other Ashley. It was bad enough he had to assume a woman’s identity now he had to deal with a boyfriend? Oh, no. He quit.

And on that note, Ashly got up and headed out the door of the café. He was going to the Captain and telling him the deal was off there was no way he could do this. Even if he called in sick the first few days, there was no way this was going to work. Yes the lieutenant had just moved to this side of the city so most of her neighbors didn’t know her yet. So it was basically a fresh start that he was so going to ruin. And if that was her boyfriend, oh no! He was not getting within five feet of that egotistical, no good lying SOB. Stomping to the car he yanked the door open and got in. It so was not going to work. He wasn’t ready. He so didn’t want to want to do this now. Give him the computers. He liked that part of the Ghost team so much better. The computers couldn’t tell him he didn’t sound like a girl. He didn’t look like a girl. Okay, so maybe a little make up, the right clothes and he so pulled off a lady. It wasn’t like he dressed drag all the time. Just on Halloween, to take his sister out on the town. Then no one knew who he was and he could just relax. Too many people knew he worked for the government. No one knew he was part of the Ghost squad; the current team couldn’t be tracked thanks to Ashly. And his thanks? Six weeks to three months in drag, lying to nice people, doing a job he really didn’t want to do. Come on, retail at the little boutique? That meant he was walking around in heels eight hours a day. Helping women try on clothes, helping men buy their girlfriends the perfect gift. He hated shopping!

He stomped into the command center heading straight to the Captain’s office, Gib right behind him. He just barely remembered to knock and wait for an answer before barging in. Not that permission to enter didn’t stop him from throwing the door open to have a temper tantrum. No, it was the man sitting in front of the Captain’s desk that had him sputtering. “You were… I just… how did…. WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?”

“Sit down!” The Captain’s tone was sharp, not happy with his subordinate’s manners. “You may go Gib; I’ll talk to you later.” Gib made a mad dash for freedom.

Noah sat and watched the man who would be playing his cousin’s life for the next little while. He had come down at headquarters’ request to help the Ghost be convincing. Looking at this Ashly he noticed he had been right, there really was a similar build and height, he should be able to pull it off. Even to the temper tantrums his cousin was known for. He covered his mouth to hide a smile quite certain this Ashly would react in the same manner as his cousins, displeased.

“Now, Officer Noah has kindly agreed to come visit his cousin for the next few weeks to help her settle into the new neighborhood. You’ll find all the information you need in here. You’ll be living in her apartment so please make sure you stop and gather all your stuff. As Noah is visiting you’ll need to give him a ride to the apartment. You move in tonight.” The Captain handed Ashly a file and with the help of Noah they herded him out of the office.

Ashly stood and stared at the closed door, that didn’t go right. He looked at the file in his hands, then at the man next to him. “How… who…”

Noah gathered the keys and taking Ashly’s arm in his hand, walked him out the door to his car. “We best get going. Don’t want to keep your cousin waiting.”

At the car, Noah herded Ashly to the passenger side, trapping him against the car. “I told you I would find you.”

An apology of sorts

In reading Ricochet by Xanthe Walter I came to the realization that in my writing of things BDSM and the wonderful male on male characters, due to my inexperience I may not portray them as accurately as I could. I in no way mean any disrespect towards those who participate in this lifestyle. In fact, I think I am actually a little envious. The freedom, the trust, for it is with great trust that a submissive will submit to their master. Trusting them to see them through the scene with no injuries. But then those that are able to live 24/7? How do they do it? How do they function day-to-day? Greatfuly this is a lifestyle with many faucets and each couple can choose how much, how far to go and tweak it to fit their relationship. What a wonder to have a relationship so deep and so fulfilling! Do we not all seek this? Either with each other or with God? For in the bible we are to submit.

In my writing I attempt to delve into characters and subjects that I have very little knowledge. What knowledge I have is in faded memories and whatever I can glean from my readings. I have come across a few authors who have delved into this world that I am so thoroughly enamored of. Is it the fact that this is a forbidden fruit? A subject as a woman I cannot clearly understand and am so captivated by? Perhaps it is the same thing that fuels some men’s desire for two women together? Many of the writers who have so captivated me with their characters are women. I have found a few male authors I love dearly also. Who better than a man to write how men should love?

But really truly these thoughts all came about half way through the book. Where Matt finally submits to Rick for the first time. You fall with the characters realizing that Matt has finally found his subspace and Rick falls into his topspace. I was entranced. I was waiting for these two to get together. YOu could see the setup but it took so long for them to get there. Their friendship was developed and explored their trust and strength shown, until I was sitting there going get to the good stuff!! I want them together. And they did. Wonderful! The love, trust and growth continued all the way to the end of the book. All in all a wonderful find, quite by accident.

I can only say I would not mind the fall should I find a man strong enough. I would be no easy submissive requiring constant approval and guidance. Yes I can function on my own, no I’d rather not. So, for now I live vicariously through the fantasy world others have so lovenly created. Can I recreate my own characters with the same love and depth? I do not know, I can only try.

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