Okay. Between taxes and children (well the one) growing up, a late assignment, learning new things at work… I am a little over-whelmed. And a lot late for my post. Well, just a few hours. Honestly I had thought about doing both tomorrow, but upon opening my computer, habit came about and up pops my blog. No excuses.

I am not ready for my son to grow up. Here where I work, this city starts junior high in sixth grade. That is too early for me. I look at him and see many things I didn’t teach him, some I don’t think he is mentally capable of understanding or grasping that he needs to understand in order to make it through the day in the city. It’s not the biggest, not New York or Seattle, but it is a city. Not that “interesting” things don’t happen in smaller towns and offer little boys ways to get in trouble. I see a little boy, which is reinforced when I hear his voice on the phone because he forgot homework at home, again. He sounds so little.

Just one more thing in the long list of life problems-issues-worries that I am not yet prepared to handle. But hey! on the bright side of things; Thursday’s post is done.