It was the picture in the tabloid that caught her eye. You could see Jeff very clearly but her face was obscured by her hair. The title was even better, “Robbing the Cradle? Jeff’s new girl”. The picture showed Jeff sitting back in the lounger, book in one hand, and drink in the other. He had one leg on the lounger. Even relaxed as he was, he looked god in the picture. She was sitting in front of him working on her computer.
She put the tabloid on the conveyor belt with the rest of her groceries, bar-b-queue tonight.
“Ya know we’re still trying to figure out who she is.” The checker said looking at the tabloid as she scanned the groceries. “She has to be half his age. How she got him…”
She just smiled and paid for her items.
Sitting in the car she pulled the magazine out and flipped to the section about the picture.
…A guest at the hotel commented, “They’re so cute. This is the closest I’ve seen them all week. He seems to care a great deal about her.”
…Another said, “Who knows? She seems really young.”
…No one was able to comment as to who Jeff’s mystery young lady was.
She remembered that day. They had been scouting locations in Porto Rico for the movie they were working on. They had found some good sites the day before and had stayed an extra day. She had had a brain storm and was re-writing a couple of scenes. Adding a few, the locations and the whole experience had inspired her.
“Jeff here, how about this scene?” Kelly handed Jeff her laptop and kneeled down next to his lounger.
Jeff sat up taking the laptop and placing it in front of him. “Here try these words.” Jeff typed in the new dialogue and turned the computer so she could read the scene again.
She had started typing again, looking up to ask; “What about this?”
Jeff looked up from his book, “No, not that. Go back to the old scene. I liked that one.”
“Hmmm…” She went back to typing. She hadn’t registered that Jeff had picked her up and sat her in front of him while she was typing. Not until she looked back to ask about the next scene.
They had stayed like that until the sun had started to set , only touching where her left knee rested on his leg. Occasionally he would peer over her shoulder and offer suggestions or she would ask him a question. It had been a good afternoon. She had finished the edit to the script and had had Jeff to herself.

Looking at the pictures in the magazine on last time Kelly smiled and put it on the passenger seat of his car.
She started the car, pulled out of the parking lot and headed over to the studio to pick up Jeff. He was cooking tonight.