Friday Flash Fiction Fun:
Personal Ads – Ones we may never see or understand…

Wanted: SWM wanted, age 35 – 42. Good Job (public sector prefered), BDSM Dom, w/ ref. No drinking, non-smoker, good health. Children ok, willing to parent mine. Willing to teach BDSM Newbie

Wanted: SWM seeking a M or Two wanting a third. All options open for discussion.

Wanted: Seeking SWF for domestic activities. Care of only one male and household. To do daily activities with, personal assistant.

Wanted: Model for art project. To display in public events terms available upon passing initial screening.

Wanted: Puppy Sitter – preferably male. Must be willing to cuddle, take to play dates and be in control. Dedication required Puppy is very mischievous.

Wanted: SWF to spend loud nights with. Must be in good health, willing to explore boundaries, adventurous.

Wanted: SWF in-training sub seeking SWM BDSM Dom, late thirties/early forties. Fit with references. Willing long-term training contract to full-time sub contract, must be fair, non-drinker, non-smoker. Willing to work terms and contracts around parenting issues.

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