Today’s Thursday Thoughts

I was thinking about what genre I considered myself as a writer. I am currently flipping between a few.
I have submitted one children’s story and been rejected. I plan on re-working it and bringing it back into focus. I am sure there are a few tweaks needed. I liked the story and so did my beta reader. hmmm…

I’ve notice that many of my posts on this site tend towards the romantic, even heading towards the seedier side of erotic. Then again, I have dabbled in BDSM, M/M, M/F…

There are many types of genres in writing and it seems that the main categories can divided into subcategories. I have noticed that many books no longer fit into one genre. They seem to be a combination of science fiction and romance, mystery and romance, historical romance. The list goes on and on. If we can think it, we can write it. Many times the editor and publisher must choose where the book is to go. Sometimes they make sense, sometimes they don’t.

But back to my genre style. I think I will try once again to write for the youth, but I’ll age up a bit into Young Adult literature as I can be a bit more free with my romantic stylings. As for hard-core stuff… I don’t have enough research yet.