In reading Ricochet by Xanthe Walter I came to the realization that in my writing of things BDSM and the wonderful male on male characters, due to my inexperience I may not portray them as accurately as I could. I in no way mean any disrespect towards those who participate in this lifestyle. In fact, I think I am actually a little envious. The freedom, the trust, for it is with great trust that a submissive will submit to their master. Trusting them to see them through the scene with no injuries. But then those that are able to live 24/7? How do they do it? How do they function day-to-day? Greatfuly this is a lifestyle with many faucets and each couple can choose how much, how far to go and tweak it to fit their relationship. What a wonder to have a relationship so deep and so fulfilling! Do we not all seek this? Either with each other or with God? For in the bible we are to submit.

In my writing I attempt to delve into characters and subjects that I have very little knowledge. What knowledge I have is in faded memories and whatever I can glean from my readings. I have come across a few authors who have delved into this world that I am so thoroughly enamored of. Is it the fact that this is a forbidden fruit? A subject as a woman I cannot clearly understand and am so captivated by? Perhaps it is the same thing that fuels some men’s desire for two women together? Many of the writers who have so captivated me with their characters are women. I have found a few male authors I love dearly also. Who better than a man to write how men should love?

But really truly these thoughts all came about half way through the book. Where Matt finally submits to Rick for the first time. You fall with the characters realizing that Matt has finally found his subspace and Rick falls into his topspace. I was entranced. I was waiting for these two to get together. YOu could see the setup but it took so long for them to get there. Their friendship was developed and explored their trust and strength shown, until I was sitting there going get to the good stuff!! I want them together. And they did. Wonderful! The love, trust and growth continued all the way to the end of the book. All in all a wonderful find, quite by accident.

I can only say I would not mind the fall should I find a man strong enough. I would be no easy submissive requiring constant approval and guidance. Yes I can function on my own, no I’d rather not. So, for now I live vicariously through the fantasy world others have so lovenly created. Can I recreate my own characters with the same love and depth? I do not know, I can only try.