Nat and Jake…

“Excuse me,” Nat pulled his phone out of his pants pocket and looked at it. It was a text from Frank.

He’s a good guy. If you want to learn, ask.

That was all. Nat looked up at the man in front of him, “Frank said to trust you.”

Jake smiled and nodded at the kid. “Call me Sir and drink your water.”

Nat followed the order, not quite sure why but it gave him an excuse to think. Putting the empty bottle down he looked at the man in front of him. Tall, 6’2″ maybe? Muscled, if the black t-shirt was telling the truth, the tight, black, leather jeans left nothing to the imagination though. Nat blushed finding himself starring, wondering; it had been so long. He quickly glanced up and then looked away seeing the amused and lustful look on the man’s face.

Jake was intrigued, this was a pretty color on his new pet. The fact that he trusted him based solely on one man’s word made him see the naiveté that was still so much a part of Nat. He knew the basic back story. Not the why’s, these he would have to get from Nat himself. But Frank had told him. Said the kid needed to lose himself for the weekend, for a while. Maybe even find himself.

“You will follow me. We are going to one of the rooms upstairs. No speaking. I will allow for questions when we get there.” That was more than he ever told a sub, but he could see the anxiousness in Nat’s eyes. He didn’t want that. Something about this younger man called to him, he didn’t know what but he planned on finding out. That and the way the kid literally plastered himself to Jake’s back as he maneuvered them through the crowd to the stairs. This could be a good night.

Nat found himself following the man across the floor. He didn’t know where they were going and didn’t want to get lost in the throng of gyrating bodies. So he was closer to Sir than he normally would have been and would probably bump into him if he didn’t pay attention. They made it across the dance floor to the doorway in the back by the stairs. There was a desk with a guard sitting behind it and behind the guard a set of hooks. All the hooks had labels like, the black room, the school room, the office, the washroom, and even a few labeled vanilla.  Nat wondered why they were labeled that way. Some of the hooks had keys, Nat assumed that the ones without keys were in use. Nat watched while Sir and the guard discussed the available rooms. Sir finally took a key to one of the free ‘vanilla’ rooms and started walking away. Nat followed quickly not wanting to be left behind and found himself walking down a hallway heading towards an elevator. Nat watched as a couple exited the elevator with a look of absolute satisfaction on both of their faces. He looked at Sir wide-eyed…