It’s Thursday again and the end of February. Where did the month go? I know it’s shorter than the others, but still… As I am writing I am listening to J R Ward’s Lover Reborn. I like this series and am waiting for the release of the next one on March 26th. If I am reading the synopsis of her other series correctly, this next one may be her first man-love book. This series has skirted the issue of gay romance for the last nine books. I can’t wait to see how she handles it. I am actually supposed to be working but am finding it hard to concentrate.

Waiting for authors to release the next in a series can be very frustrating. I don’t know if anyone else experiences the ‘night-before-Christmas’ expectations of a book release. I can only compare it to Christmas or as a child the expectant feeling one has leading up to their birthday in hopes that all of the hints, notes, flat-out “This is what I want” will come true when they open their presents. And when the book meets or exceeds the expectations it is a great feeling, you got what you wanted. But, you can also feel that deep disappointment that what you were building the book up to be actually ended up not being reality and the book fell short or flat; or you discovered you no longer enjoyed the characters as much as you had in the book before.

I can imagine that may be something authors try to avoid; a book or character ending up flat. A series that no longer inspires but now regurgitates the material. I honestly think you can only have so many saves from the end of the world before the characters either must die or the world must be saved. How many times can an evil shadow come and overtake the world? At what point does the author politely tell the readers “this is the end”? And even better, how do you resurrect a series that has clearly reached its end but not all of the characters have had their story told? I have seen a few authors create series that are in tandem to their first one or branch off of the first one. I think this works if you can keep all the details straight from the first series in the second one. Only because if anyone else reads as I do, I have been known to go look in previous books to pick up the trail of how an event came to be.

All in all, I think there is much to being an author. A lot of hard work and careful planning so the characters and story lines don’t take off in a direction you are not willing to go. Then again sometimes it is that off-roading that can create a wonderful story line.