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March 2013

Flash Fiction Friday (32213)

“Why are you still here?” Frank was amazed and worried. When he had talked to Jake it had sounded like the weekend had gone well, but Nat was back to work on Wednesday. Well Nat’s body was back at work, his mind not so much.

Nat looked up at Frank obviously trying to hold it in, Frank melted. “Come here kid.” Nat came for the hug and comfort he so obviously needed. He started bawling and all Frank could do was hold him. He’d be talking to Jake tonight. “Shh.. It’ll all work out.”

“There was nothing I could do” Frank was saying later that night. “He was devastated Jake, how could you just leave him here?” Frank had spent all morning in the auto office consoling Nat instead of working on the car that was due the end of this week. Nat had needed it. “You do realize I had no choice but to bring him home. He’s asleep in the guest room.”

“I had no choice, he has to make this decision.” Frank could hear Jake growling at the sound of his boy in someone else’s house. “He has a lot of issues and I’m moving over there as soon as I have everything here straitened out. .”

“But to leave him like this?” Frank was growling now. Both of these men he cared about and they were both stubborn. He knew Nat wouldn’t call Jake and Jake like the good Dom he was would give Nat room to figure things out. “Well don’t wait too long, I don’t want to lose another office admin. That kid has the auto shop running so tight. He has to get it together before the boys in back find out.”

Frank ran his hand over his head. He was losing hair quickly and these two were not helping him.

“I’ve already talked to an agent. I just have to find a place over there. Keep an I on him.” Jake let out a huge sigh. Frank could hear him drop onto some furniture. “I’ll try to get back quickly.”

“He’s not going to call you.”

“I know Frank.”

“Just… just keep an eye on him. I have to make sure I have everything ready before I can give him what he needs.” Frank could see Jake sitting with his head in his hands. He’d seen that pose many times when Jake was working out a problem. “I’m coming for him. I don’t think he believes that. But I am coming for him.”

Frank snorted. Kid had gotten under the almighty Jake’s skin. “You fell for him.”



Flash Fiction

Nate and Jake




Friday Flash Fiction

The bouncer looked at me strangely as I walked into the front door. I would never have known to walk through that door if my friend had not given me specific directions. I had tried to follow the dress code, but knew I fell short. There were just some things I wouldn’t wear. She had said they would leave a message at the front and I merely had to let the bouncer know. Of course that would required my mouth working. The bouncer was gorgeous! Six feet, nicely muscled chest snug in a black tee, tanned arms, with traces of tattoos that were just hinted at under the sleeves of his shirt.

He raised his eyebrow at me and I realized I had been staring.

“I’m sorry sir!” I answered reflexively. I couldn’t quite meet his gaze as I went on, “Renae and Mike left a message for me to meet them here. I-i-i-t’s for Crystal.”

He nodded, handed me a piece of paper, “Go in. They covered your charge.”

“Thank you sir!” I don’t know why I did that? I walked towards the door trying to read the paper at the same time. Finally giving up, I would read it when I got through the door. Knowing me I’d run into the door jamb a few times if I tried to do two things at once.”

Inside I read the note. Wait at the bar, no alcohol we’ll be along shortly.  Mike.

Okay… I could do that where was the bar?


Go check this out! Are writers crazy? Cristian does a good job of explaining the differences needed to make the world go around. In a quick post, he shows that we are all a little crazy.

Thursday Thoughts -March 14

Well it’s March and eleven years two months into parenting I have not even begun to understand. I believe the word used today was ‘disassociate’. What was ment was that the parent has to remove their emotions from the equation.

In other words, yes how my child now behaves does reflect on how I raised him. It does not give me the right to engage all of my emotions when I go to discipline him. Now the consequences of his actions are his, I need to merely focus on the issue at hand. The behavior, the results and how it has affected him. How I feel has to be put on a back burner until I have dealt with the situation and acknowledged his feelings. Being unemotional is not my strong suit. But an over emotional mom is not helpful to my child growing to a strong independent respectful adult.


Parenting, religion, tolerance … the responsibilities of the parent and the influence of media

I am just throwing this out there, the case of the pregnant 9 year had caught my eye one day when I was searching through the news. I have not completely researched either of these links for the completed validity of either. But they both bring up the concept of teaching our children how to view the world around us. Many countries are in agreement about how young a wife should be, but there are many parts of the world that still practice marriage at a very young age. As an American I have to remind myself that I can not judge people based on my standards. I do not know the entire circumstance, the culture the reasons… I must remind myself that I cannot judge, I can pray for wise decisions, help for all involved. I am not better than those involved, I have made many outrageous mistakes that I am sure someone from another culture may look at and wonder what the hell I was thinking. If anything I can look at all the posts, all the responses and do my best to not judge them, to try to look beyond the words and seek the culture, the beliefs, the reasons why some of us are so different and so the same.

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