Cail and Gabriel came about from a prompt for the AbsoluteWrite Blog Chain a few years ago. Their first appereance is a passworded blog since it was written in the Erotica genre. I had fun with that one and learned a few new things.

The password for that is “Books”, and if you are going to read it is with the realization that you are over the age of 18. Please don’t read it if you are not as I have no wish to offend or enlighten young minds.

As for Cail and Gabriel, here is a piece of the morning after…

Gabriel woke to a tugging on his wing. He looked down at the small man in his arms and saw he was trying to wrap himself tighter. Gabriel smile and used his foot to shimmy the comforter at the foot of his bed up to where he could reach it. Shifting his wings back and away, he quickly covered Cail. Hoping that there wasn’t too much heat lost.

Cail still not awake quickly turned into Gabriel and tucked himself under Gabriel’s arms into his chest. Gabriel squeezed tighter, trying to share his heat and keep the peace a little longer. He watched a moue of displeasure cross Cail’s face as he came to the realization that he wasn’t as warm as before.

It was this that woke Cail. He woke to a large chest with a smattering of gold hair across it. He splayed his fingers across one peck, realized his leg was sandwiched between two very firm thighs and that other parts of his anatomy were saying ‘hello’ to the man he was plastered against. Cail gave a shy peak up at Gabriel and upon seeing the deep blue gaze upon him offered a “Good morning?”

“I believe it is more a good afternoon,” the deep voice offered. Sending a shiver thorough Cail’s bod, lodging into his mid-midsection making him realize that he really needed to get up.


Gabriel released Cail and rolled out of the king-sized bed coming around to help Cail. Not bothering to cover himself he reached out his hand and pulled Cail to his feet. Cail not awake or balance fell against Gabriel’s body and forgot where he was going.

“The bathroom is this way.” Gabriel smiled, liking how Cail’s slimmer build fit nicely into his.

“Here, I’ll be in the kitchen.” Gabriel pointed down the hall gave Cail a quick kiss and gently pushed him into the bathroom, reaching in to shut the door behind the human. Smiling as he made his way down the hall to his kitchen, Gabriel realized he much liked waking up to someone so deliciously befuddled and obviously in need of  caffeine. Gabriel started the coffee and pulled out two mugs along with a glass for water. He set everything on the counter and reached for a cupboard rarely used, pulled out tow ibuprofen and place them next to the glass of water. He was sure Cail would have a minor headache after all of his alcohol consumption last night. If that was something he indulged in regularly Gabriel was putting a stop to it.

Cail took care of business and borrowed a new toothbrush he found in the cupboard next to the sink. Not knowing where his clothes were, Cail wrapped a towel around him and followed the smell of coffee to the kitchen. The site in front of him made him stop.

Gabriel was naked. Wonderfully naked. And the tattoo on his back? Silver angel wings that brushed the top of his shoulders and went down his back, down over a wonderful firm backside that made Cail think he needed to bite it. Would it taste good? The wings continued down to just the middle of the man’s calves. Man that hade to have hurt. He could just imagine the hours needed for the detail to be put in.

He must have made a sound for Gabriel went to turn around. “No, please don’t!” Cail walked to the man wanting to touch.

Gabriel let him look then turned slowly to hold him in his arms. “If I let you continue to touch, we’ll never talk.” Handing Cail the water and pills Gabriel led the man to the chairs in the kitchen. He retreated back to the counter. Space was a good thing he thought, leaning against the counter; he could just see his erection over the edge of his arms, not agreeing with him. No his body did not agree, but it could wait. They needed to talk.