Well it’s March and eleven years two months into parenting I have not even begun to understand. I believe the word used today was ‘disassociate’. What was ment was that the parent has to remove their emotions from the equation.

In other words, yes how my child now behaves does reflect on how I raised him. It does not give me the right to engage all of my emotions when I go to discipline him. Now the consequences of his actions are his, I need to merely focus on the issue at hand. The behavior, the results and how it has affected him. How I feel has to be put on a back burner until I have dealt with the situation and acknowledged his feelings. Being unemotional is not my strong suit. But an over emotional mom is not helpful to my child growing to a strong independent respectful adult.


Parenting, religion, tolerance … the responsibilities of the parent and the influence of media

I am just throwing this out there, the case of the pregnant 9 year had caught my eye one day when I was searching through the news. I have not completely researched either of these links for the completed validity of either. But they both bring up the concept of teaching our children how to view the world around us. Many countries are in agreement about how young a wife should be, but there are many parts of the world that still practice marriage at a very young age. As an American I have to remind myself that I can not judge people based on my standards. I do not know the entire circumstance, the culture the reasons… I must remind myself that I cannot judge, I can pray for wise decisions, help for all involved. I am not better than those involved, I have made many outrageous mistakes that I am sure someone from another culture may look at and wonder what the hell I was thinking. If anything I can look at all the posts, all the responses and do my best to not judge them, to try to look beyond the words and seek the culture, the beliefs, the reasons why some of us are so different and so the same.