The bouncer looked at me strangely as I walked into the front door. I would never have known to walk through that door if my friend had not given me specific directions. I had tried to follow the dress code, but knew I fell short. There were just some things I wouldn’t wear. She had said they would leave a message at the front and I merely had to let the bouncer know. Of course that would required my mouth working. The bouncer was gorgeous! Six feet, nicely muscled chest snug in a black tee, tanned arms, with traces of tattoos that were just hinted at under the sleeves of his shirt.

He raised his eyebrow at me and I realized I had been staring.

“I’m sorry sir!” I answered reflexively. I couldn’t quite meet his gaze as I went on, “Renae and Mike left a message for me to meet them here. I-i-i-t’s for Crystal.”

He nodded, handed me a piece of paper, “Go in. They covered your charge.”

“Thank you sir!” I don’t know why I did that? I walked towards the door trying to read the paper at the same time. Finally giving up, I would read it when I got through the door. Knowing me I’d run into the door jamb a few times if I tried to do two things at once.”

Inside I read the note. Wait at the bar, no alcohol we’ll be along shortly.  Mike.

Okay… I could do that where was the bar?