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April 2013

Flash Fiction Friday

Nat and Jake

Jake watched as Nat stripped. He was right, the kid was only about 5’7”, and would fit just under his chin. Nat moved with grace despite the evidence of nerves. There wasn’t much to this room, a straight backed wood chair next to the door, a bed, a wardrobe closed so not to scare newbies or to give the illusion this was just a regular room and an open bathroom and small fridge. Jake watched as Nat glanced around then neatly folded his clothes placing them on the chair and his shoes underneath.

“Underwear too.” Jake watched the struggle, wondered if Nat would balk. Nope the kid took them off and stood unsure, moving his hands to hide his genitals. Jake would allow that for now.

“Do you know what a safe word is?”
“Y-Yes” Nat nodded his head.

“Yes what?”
“Yes sir?”

“When I ask a question the answer will be started or ended with a sir. Do you understand?”
“Yes sir.” Jake saw Nat start to relax.

“Your safe word for tonight will be red. It stops everything. Use yellow to slow things down.” Jake watched Nat’s eyes closely; he wanted to make sure his sub understood. He could see as the information was absorbed followed quickly by a look around the room the curiosity palpable with the unspoken questions.

“Come stand in the middle of the room and stay there.” Jake turned to go to the small fridge; it was stalked with orange soda and water. Good, he grabbed one of the waters and turned to see Nat standing in the center arms at his side, cock starting to show interest in what was going on. Good. Jake was going to push a little and if things went well he’d take Nat back to his hotel room. Here, well here was not where he was going to train the boy.

“Here drink this.” Jake handed the bottle of water to Nat and sat on the bed. Waiting.

“What do you know about bondage and submission?”

“uh…” Nat turned a pretty shade of pink and the color slowly traveled down his neck to his chest. Jake wondered if it would go all the way down. His cock rose to meet the color filling becoming fuller. Obviously the boy knew something. Seeing Nat’s cock rise and the adorable color, Jake’s cock started to fill his pants. He would not squirm to rearrange himself. He’d let Nat do that in a moment.

Thursday Thoughts

Aaaahh! Parenting! Whoever said this was an easy job is not a parent. Just got back from an awesome class, “How to Communicate with your Teenager.” Well mine isn’t quite a teen yet, but we are getting there. Basically the meeting went well. There is a great emphasis on speaking to and with your teenager with respect. Model the behaviors you want your teenager to do.

I heard yet again that until they are about 24/25 you won’t SEE the results from all of your hardwork. We must teach our children that instant gratification is not a good thing by modeling it ourselves, accepting that an immediate change in their behavior will not happen. Not overnight. We have to trust that the sound bytes we give them will guide them as they get older and eventually will bear fruit.

It’s not easy. I am not sure that he hears me. I am learning to back off when he gets flooded, try not to do a sensory overload. And listen. Just be there for him to talk to, not solve his problems, not offer advice. But let him get in his agenda, I’ll get my turn soon enough. And then, well it’ll be time to let go and let God.


This is my first fan-fiction. And after reading G.A. Hauser’s “Keeping it Up”, I had to do something so I could deal with the contention in the book. It struck nerves, it caused squeamishness that normally I would never have felt. Maybe it was because I have fallen in love with the characters of these series. But I had to put closure and love back in a way that I could physically and psychically grasp and control my feelings. Three days of torture and I can finally put this down. I can’t wait to read more about them. These characters are real in a way.

“Okay Billy, he doesn’t know your here. I don’t want him to know just yet. Not until we roll film. Stay back behind Cliff and then when we roll, stand to the left where he can see you. See the red X? Well I want him to see you as he starts walking towards it. I want to see his surprise, his honest reactions.”

“Hey Cliff? Billy will be behind you. Kind of hide him until roll camera?”

“Sure thing Boss!”

“Hey kid? You Ready?”

“No, nervous, this is it? I’ll screw it up!”

“No, no you won’t. You know the motivation behind this?”

“I get it but I don’t.”

“Let me see if I can explain.”

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Flash Fiction Friday

I had suggested this ‘Dialogue’ writing over at the AW Blog Chain. Thought I would try it again here.




“Hey wait!”


“Shoo! Go on!”

“What is it?”

“I don’t know, think we should call it in?”
“I don’t know, after last time…”
“Yeah, last time was not my fault, dead rodent.”
“Well rodent is better than what I think this is.”
“You think so? Hey is that a toe?”
“We need more light.”
“You going to call it in?”

“Yeah I will… base this is 33ar we have a possible 10-54”

“Again? Are you sure? Okay 10-54”


“Hey Mike quit poking that.”

“I’m not poking it I am looking at it.”
“Oh!!! He is going to murder you, your messing with his evidence.”
“Think we should look at the rest of the alley?”


“So boys, what did you find.”
“A toe?”
“Yeah that’s a toe.”


“What do we have boys, more dogs?”
“No they found a toe.”
“A toe?”
“And some goo!”

“And some goo.”

“Well lots of goo, the restaurant inside said the back light here is out and they haven’t had a chance to fix it. The next light is down at that end. No goo there. Just here, and over there by that dumpster.”

“Oh crap! What is that smell?”
“Michael close that lid!”

“Sorry Chief”


“Five bucks says the kid barfs.”
“You’re on!”


“So Brenner, did they find a body?”

“Yeah Chief, they did. HEY!! No barfing on my evidence!!”

“I think he missed Brenner.”
“Shut up Rig, you’ll be next.”


“Who’s opening the lid?”

“You do it.”


“Just do it”
“Oh, man!”

“Don’t move!”

“Brenner I have to move the stench is going to kill me!”

“Can’t, you’re standing in my evidence.”

“I need your shoe.”
“My shoe?”

“Yes, I need your shoe. It’s covered in my evidence.”

“What am I supposed to do? I don’t have any other shoes.”

“Craig, take Rig back to the station.”

“NO leave my shoe here?”


“Brenner! It’s my shoe.”
“My evidence.”

“Here Rig, climb on.”

“You sure?”



“Dang Rig, you are heavy.”

“Thanks Craig, let’s just head back.”

“Hey Brenner”
“Yeah Chief?”
“Five bucks says they don’t make it two blocks.”
“You’re on!”


“Craig pull over!”

“Ah, man Rig.”

“Sorry, that was bad.”
“Yeah let’s get you back to the station.”

“Sharon okay if I stay on the couch?”
“Yeah, she’ll be okay.”
“Thanks Craig.”

Thursday Thoughts- Joyee Flynn


I just finished reading “Elder and the Youngest” by Joyee Flynn. And have to say it is by far one of my favorites out 0f the Unmated at Midnight subcategory of Midnight Matings.  A cute little 19 year old twink too smart for his own good taking on a few thousand years old Knight of the Round Table Elder, could you ask for anything better? Many of the books within these two series take on unlikely pairs and throw them together in all sorts of interesting situations, from youthful belligerence to age snobbery, the poor and the rich, parents’ approval, council’s interference.  It seems almost any idea is there, add in the paranormal world and life is interesting.

These books are all M/M pairings and I find them very interesting. Not all are focused solely on the sex between two men (not that it isn’t hot) many are focused on how a relationship can go completely wrong and still end up right in the end.

With E&Y, Ms. Flynn delivers an interesting almost conclusion to a series of books. All great reads. The youngest and the elder make a sacrifice, bolstered by lust and attraction and must learn how to communicate with each other before it ends up too late and they lose what could be the best thing to happen to either one of them.

The books seem to follow the same patterns, yet the characters are all loveable as the series grows so do the worlds and families.

My only real unhappiness is that the other two authors who helped begin this series seem to be no longer involved as I have not seen a book regarding the Matings released from them in some time. All three have a similar writing style, with just enough of a different voice that I can tell when I am reading a different author.

While short, the books are a quick and exciting read. I wouldn’t mind if they add a few hundred more pages.  Hint, Hint.

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