Okay. Bar. Bar, where was the bar? I was starting to seriously doubt my intelligence.

I moved to the side of the doorway when I felt it open behind me. Past me walked a man holding a leash. I did a double take when I saw to what the leash was attached. Such trust! The man walking behind him, walked as if there were no worries.

I could see a major accident waiting to happen. I was kept mesmerized as I watched the couple weave through the crowd to the bar. The bar! I could so get there now. Though not with the grace that the sub showed as his master walked him through the crowd. They were never more than a foot apart and the lead never seemed to have tightened. I had paused in angst thinking there was going to be an accident but the master had stopped making sure his boy was behind him as the crazy waiters flitted in their path.

“The bar.”

I looked next to me at the pointed finger showing me the way to the bar. The bouncer had come in and was waiting for me to move.

“Yes sir.” Dang I so was not feeling smart…