The Hobbit

Okay, now. Whoever heard of sexy dwarves? I mean really, some of the dwarves in Peter Jackson’s rendition of The Hobbit are nice looking. Some are on the ridiculous side also. And some? Just, just barely look like a dwarf.

We from Gimli in the Lord of the Rings to Thorrin, Kili and Fili in The Hobbit.

Anyone really upset by this??

Overall, the special effects and the storyline were solid. I see a few instances where things later in the book were brought forward and some things are just there for theatre.

I am disappointed in the “Fifteen Birds in Five Fir Trees” part of the movie. It didn’t meet my expectations. I mean how they did it for the movie, okay it works. A nemesis was needed, but come on no song? It was one of my many favorite parts in the book.

However, somewhat redeemable is the singing and antics regarding the breaking of Bilbo Baggins’ plates. The dwarves singing this and then about the return to the Misty Mountains is great. Their deep wonderful voices due justice to the songs and their parts as dwarves. I will say that while the dwarves do not all look the part of a dwarf, their voices make up for the difference.

Can’t wait to see the next movie!!  BRING ON THE DRAGON!!