Okay, Thursday Thoughts on Saturday. I am currently sitting waiting for the inspection on my car to be done. Six years of owning the poor thing and I am finally bringing it in for a tune-up, antifreeze, coolant oh, all those things that are never included in the every other month oil-change that the commute requires of my poor car. Sticker shocker?? Well, it is. It is however a good way to avoid having yet one other car go under. Yes, in my 15 years of owning and driving vehicles I have in fact been responsible for driving two into the ground. My first car was in fact not mine, it was my boyfriend’s and not in the best of shape. A 95’ Corolla with extra wide tires and a gasket for a gearshift knob. It was temperamental at best, a pain in the butt at worst. But I did learn how to change the oil, and change the brakes and rotors. I also learned how to completely get lost in San Diego. Yes I meant to go north and ended up on a whole other interstate heading to Nevada. I eventually found my way home to Point Loma and learned how to traverse between San Diego, Le Mesa and Lemon Grove without ever touching the freeway. The patience of traffic jams and the presence of vacuums were also lessons learned while I developed my deplorable driving skills. My second car, this one I actually owned, was while I was in San Diego also. That was a cute little blue Ford Escort. Also a stick shift and yes this one I could work on myself. However, teaching a boyfriend how to drive a standard was probably this poor car’s downfall. Eventually the poor thing would no longer turnover, and I had to sell it. It really was a cute little car. The next car I had any responsibility for was my son’s father’s car. That one, well… it may have fared a little better since I was not the one responsible for its care. But my next purchase, a Toyota Camry? Well it lost its drive shaft, the sun roof leaked and there were a few tears in the upholstery. When it started making weird noises? I traded it in for the poor little car now in the shop. And not even owning the not so little thing for two weeks, a Malibu really isn’t that small, ran into another car putting a dent in my trunk.  Well 140,000 miles later the car and I are still together, going in for checkups and trying to find the money to replace the a little windshield. Altogether, I think six years is the longest I have ever owned a car and hopefully it will last a little longer. Well until I can pay it off, then I think I want a purple Honda Fit.