Just something a little different than what I have normally been posting.


Oh God! Oh God! What were they thinking? She stared at the screens in front of her, total carnage. And she was next. She had to be. Why did they think they could control the computer?

No, the powers that be had to let the criminal, murdering master mind work on this project. Free-labor, to a point, rehabilitation, not all; supervised, can’t do anything without our knowing it.

She was trapped in this room, waiting, watching. This is what happened when you tried to kill a system that was alive, all but in the flesh.

They had been trying to cut the power source and failed. How many wires could you cut? For each wire cut, one of their group had been killed. And the madman who had written this program? He had died four hours ago hooked up to the virtual interface.

The massacre had started as soon as Mr. Michael’s died. She stared at the body, the life machine next to it dead, all the machines around it dead, dead like most of her co-workers. She sat down in the control chair, growing weaker. The pool of her blood spreading towards the console. The destruct button, the failsafe button she had insisted on, did not work. They’d pushed it a few times.

She laid across the controls, no longer seeing the screens in front of her, idly pushing the button. In the growing dimness, she pulled. Out came the button casing.

Not even plugged in. hmmm. Funny…