I just finished reading “Elder and the Youngest” by Joyee Flynn. And have to say it is by far one of my favorites out 0f the Unmated at Midnight subcategory of Midnight Matings.  A cute little 19 year old twink too smart for his own good taking on a few thousand years old Knight of the Round Table Elder, could you ask for anything better? Many of the books within these two series take on unlikely pairs and throw them together in all sorts of interesting situations, from youthful belligerence to age snobbery, the poor and the rich, parents’ approval, council’s interference.  It seems almost any idea is there, add in the paranormal world and life is interesting.

These books are all M/M pairings and I find them very interesting. Not all are focused solely on the sex between two men (not that it isn’t hot) many are focused on how a relationship can go completely wrong and still end up right in the end.

With E&Y, Ms. Flynn delivers an interesting almost conclusion to a series of books. All great reads. The youngest and the elder make a sacrifice, bolstered by lust and attraction and must learn how to communicate with each other before it ends up too late and they lose what could be the best thing to happen to either one of them.

The books seem to follow the same patterns, yet the characters are all loveable as the series grows so do the worlds and families.

My only real unhappiness is that the other two authors who helped begin this series seem to be no longer involved as I have not seen a book regarding the Matings released from them in some time. All three have a similar writing style, with just enough of a different voice that I can tell when I am reading a different author.

While short, the books are a quick and exciting read. I wouldn’t mind if they add a few hundred more pages.  Hint, Hint.