I had suggested this ‘Dialogue’ writing over at the AW Blog Chain. Thought I would try it again here.




“Hey wait!”


“Shoo! Go on!”

“What is it?”

“I don’t know, think we should call it in?”
“I don’t know, after last time…”
“Yeah, last time was not my fault, dead rodent.”
“Well rodent is better than what I think this is.”
“You think so? Hey is that a toe?”
“We need more light.”
“You going to call it in?”

“Yeah I will… base this is 33ar we have a possible 10-54”

“Again? Are you sure? Okay 10-54”


“Hey Mike quit poking that.”

“I’m not poking it I am looking at it.”
“Oh!!! He is going to murder you, your messing with his evidence.”
“Think we should look at the rest of the alley?”


“So boys, what did you find.”
“A toe?”
“Yeah that’s a toe.”


“What do we have boys, more dogs?”
“No they found a toe.”
“A toe?”
“And some goo!”

“And some goo.”

“Well lots of goo, the restaurant inside said the back light here is out and they haven’t had a chance to fix it. The next light is down at that end. No goo there. Just here, and over there by that dumpster.”

“Oh crap! What is that smell?”
“Michael close that lid!”

“Sorry Chief”


“Five bucks says the kid barfs.”
“You’re on!”


“So Brenner, did they find a body?”

“Yeah Chief, they did. HEY!! No barfing on my evidence!!”

“I think he missed Brenner.”
“Shut up Rig, you’ll be next.”


“Who’s opening the lid?”

“You do it.”


“Just do it”
“Oh, man!”

“Don’t move!”

“Brenner I have to move the stench is going to kill me!”

“Can’t, you’re standing in my evidence.”

“I need your shoe.”
“My shoe?”

“Yes, I need your shoe. It’s covered in my evidence.”

“What am I supposed to do? I don’t have any other shoes.”

“Craig, take Rig back to the station.”

“NO leave my shoe here?”


“Brenner! It’s my shoe.”
“My evidence.”

“Here Rig, climb on.”

“You sure?”



“Dang Rig, you are heavy.”

“Thanks Craig, let’s just head back.”

“Hey Brenner”
“Yeah Chief?”
“Five bucks says they don’t make it two blocks.”
“You’re on!”


“Craig pull over!”

“Ah, man Rig.”

“Sorry, that was bad.”
“Yeah let’s get you back to the station.”

“Sharon okay if I stay on the couch?”
“Yeah, she’ll be okay.”
“Thanks Craig.”