Aaaahh! Parenting! Whoever said this was an easy job is not a parent. Just got back from an awesome class, “How to Communicate with your Teenager.” Well mine isn’t quite a teen yet, but we are getting there. Basically the meeting went well. There is a great emphasis on speaking to and with your teenager with respect. Model the behaviors you want your teenager to do.

I heard yet again that until they are about 24/25 you won’t SEE the results from all of your hardwork. We must teach our children that instant gratification is not a good thing by modeling it ourselves, accepting that an immediate change in their behavior will not happen. Not overnight. We have to trust that the sound bytes we give them will guide them as they get older and eventually will bear fruit.

It’s not easy. I am not sure that he hears me. I am learning to back off when he gets flooded, try not to do a sensory overload. And listen. Just be there for him to talk to, not solve his problems, not offer advice. But let him get in his agenda, I’ll get my turn soon enough. And then, well it’ll be time to let go and let God.