Nat and Jake

Jake watched as Nat stripped. He was right, the kid was only about 5’7”, and would fit just under his chin. Nat moved with grace despite the evidence of nerves. There wasn’t much to this room, a straight backed wood chair next to the door, a bed, a wardrobe closed so not to scare newbies or to give the illusion this was just a regular room and an open bathroom and small fridge. Jake watched as Nat glanced around then neatly folded his clothes placing them on the chair and his shoes underneath.

“Underwear too.” Jake watched the struggle, wondered if Nat would balk. Nope the kid took them off and stood unsure, moving his hands to hide his genitals. Jake would allow that for now.

“Do you know what a safe word is?”
“Y-Yes” Nat nodded his head.

“Yes what?”
“Yes sir?”

“When I ask a question the answer will be started or ended with a sir. Do you understand?”
“Yes sir.” Jake saw Nat start to relax.

“Your safe word for tonight will be red. It stops everything. Use yellow to slow things down.” Jake watched Nat’s eyes closely; he wanted to make sure his sub understood. He could see as the information was absorbed followed quickly by a look around the room the curiosity palpable with the unspoken questions.

“Come stand in the middle of the room and stay there.” Jake turned to go to the small fridge; it was stalked with orange soda and water. Good, he grabbed one of the waters and turned to see Nat standing in the center arms at his side, cock starting to show interest in what was going on. Good. Jake was going to push a little and if things went well he’d take Nat back to his hotel room. Here, well here was not where he was going to train the boy.

“Here drink this.” Jake handed the bottle of water to Nat and sat on the bed. Waiting.

“What do you know about bondage and submission?”

“uh…” Nat turned a pretty shade of pink and the color slowly traveled down his neck to his chest. Jake wondered if it would go all the way down. His cock rose to meet the color filling becoming fuller. Obviously the boy knew something. Seeing Nat’s cock rise and the adorable color, Jake’s cock started to fill his pants. He would not squirm to rearrange himself. He’d let Nat do that in a moment.