Grocery Store Baggers-

I wonder if it is just me or if anyone else has noticed the lack of care that baggers have when bagging your groceries? I am almost to the point of bagging them myself.

Once upon a time, cans and boxes were put on the bottom, evened out so as not to make the bag heavier on one side than the other. Items that could be crushed were put on top not on the bottom, eggs were carefully placed and bread was always on top so as not to get crushed. Frozen foods were wrapped in bags and placed by themselves so that they didn’t get the boxes wet. Maybe this was all when we had paper bags? Or was it an era where people actually cared?

Now with plastic bags and reusable bags it seems that all of this is just the opposite. I find myself telling the bagger and the checker how to bag my items. “Frozen by itself please.” “Don’t overstuff the reusable bags.” I’d like to be able to carry those by the straps, not hug the bag to carry my groceries. I find myself re-bagging items at my trunk. Bread in one bag, frozen food by itself in another not next to the box of Macaroni. I’d never hear the end of it if that was ruined.

I miss the days of “Ma’am your eggs are in that bag right there and you have items on the bottom of the cart. Have a nice day!” Now I have to hunt in my cart before I leave the check out stand to make sure I know where the eggs and bread are.

We seem to be in a rush and forget that numbers are not what is important, it is the quality of customer service that matters. Maybe I’ll just start bagging my groceries…