The following is my review for chapters 7 and 8 of Cass Webb’s “Kemla”.  Read the review, answer the question and then follow the links through the different blogs to get to the end of the hunt. If you get in a bit of a bind, there is help at
In these two chapters, we find the heroine in a bit of a pickle. The heroine, Kemla, has managed to get herself captured by slavers in a bar filled with more slavers. She is attempting to free herself, but a snag is put in her plans by her temper and one of the slavers. The same slaver both helps and thwarts Kemla’s plans, his plan to keep her alive. After a misstep on Kemla’s part and help from the slaver; another slaver, Kaitn, the slaver Kemla is attempting to escape from demands some of the slave girls to perform a show by dancing. We are left at the end of chapter 8 wondering what trouble Kemla has gotten herself into when she attempts to help the slave girls and remove the rooms attention from them.
I found these two chapters to be a quick read, though chapter 7 is not for the faint of heart and some may find the content disturbing. The good news is that nothing bad happens to our heroine, just a very disturbing illusion of what could. How far is Kemla willing to go to save herself?
This is a HUNT, click on the answer to follow a link to another website post all about Kemla. If you can navigate your way through this hunt you will be rewarded with a secret hidden chapter.
Q. “Who wants a show?” Kaitn roars. What is the ‘show’ he’s referring to?