Oh, boy. I really have no excuse. Good books, life…. A few posts started none finished. I really need to sit down and get everything in order.

July will start an interesting two months. I am going back to redo a class to obtain my Accounting Certificate. I have long since given up the ideals of being a CPA or an Auditor, both are more daunting and in-depth than I am currently prepared to pursue. The certificate? Yes, okay. Granted I can get  a much higher passing grade bringing up my GPA.

Life, well the battle of the bulge is winning. I have started at a gym. Three days a week, so far doing okay. I can tell what days I have truly worked out and what days I goofed off. All work out is good!! Now to give up the fast food, the Venti size coffees, the snackages… (currently giggling at the thought of giving up any of that!)

However!!!! When I loose 20 pounds I have decided I can get a Kindle!! Oh I sooo want one of those. 🙂

As for other Life, middle school starts next year. I truly am not ready for this. What happened to my little baby boy? Oh yeah, He’s now a prepubescent boy. So not fun. He has good sweet days and days of can I hang him by his toes days. Somedays parenting is awesome, some days not so much. Especially days where I can look at my son doing something and answer the question of “where did he learn that” with a “Oh, yeah… me.” The whole thing of do as I say not as I do? Doesn’t work. We’ll just leave that line of thought there.

But oh yeah! Middle school, land of mean kids, weird kids and why are you friends with that person kids. I didn’t have a great few years in middle school, no really close friends and completely socially backwards. Wonder why my son is so awkward? Not really. So next few years will be the join band, join sports, find friends that way… I just hope that he has enough common sense in there to look before he leaps.

So summer is now upon us and I am yet again not ready. Are we ever? One foot after the other, one finger typed, one word, one post at a time.

Happy summer everyone!