A collar for a Life


Sue looked in the mirror. Today was different. Today would not be a good day. Yesterday Alex had left, left and taken all of her security. In the mirror she saw the reflection, the reflection of an empty space. Looking over necklaces she had not worn in years, Sue could not fathom putting one of them on.


Sue walked to her front door, who would be here? who would know?

“You didn’t come in last night, we were worried.” Sue barely got the door open before Cliff was barreling in, Bear right behind him. “Oh hun, he didn’t!” That was all it took, Sue broke down crying over her loss, she had been safe and now was not.

Bear came in closed the door, giving Cliff a minor look of irritation. He gathered Sue to him wrapping his huge arms around her, this was going to be a long weekend. He had never liked Alex, but Sue had not listened. Maybe now she would, of course Cliff and he had to get her through this weekend, no clubs tonight. He’d call Jake after she went to sleep.

“Go make the bed and get some tea on Cliff.”