Ramadan starts tomorrow and I in my quest for new things I have decided that I will somewhat observe this. As a Christian we do fast at certain times, I look at this as a time to fast and renew myself. Let alone the physical benefits that will happen behind this.

This is thirty days of fasting. Of eating before 630 and not again until after 7 when I get home at night. While Ramadan is fasting from sun-up to sun-down, I have altered it to fit the way I have fasted before. That and I am drinking water. How I am going to go without coffee?? Hmmm….. maybe I have not thought this through as well as I should have.

No actually this will be a good thing, good for me. Good for the pocket book. I need to learn how to not spend. This will help, no buying food during the day. I think my hardest days will be Saturdays when I make my son lunch. Sundays I normally do not eat lunch.

“God wishes for us convenience not hardship (2:185), but by refusing to understand that God wants to help us slow down, practice self restraint and upgrade our remembrance of Him, they end up making the religion difficult to enjoy and appreciate. God only orders us not to eat and drink (2:187), and surely He does not want us to suffer while we are it! Just doing something because He said so (whether we need it or not), is Submission to Him (Islam).