Okay, so yesterday I so got to pull of the annoying high school girl jumping up and down squealing for joy.

Few weeks ago I submitted a poem to the semi-annual poem contest held by Eber & Wein Publishing. I think it was all of 52 words. Well yesterday in my po box is a letter from them. I look at it and think, “hmm…. I’ll open it up when I get down to work.” Get to work, something stops me from tearing the envelope open. I use a letter opener. My poem has not been returned. In the envelope is a letter and some paperwork. The letter?

I have been chosen as a semi-finalist. Yeah me!  Now I REALLY REALLY want to believe the letter. I will truly believe it when I have the Author’s Proof and then the book actually in my hand. So in hopes that I am truly understanding all of this correctly, I express mailed the paperwork back to the publishing house.

But still! The letter in and of itself required much squealing and jumping up and down for joy and of all things running in the building. Who wouldn’t? I wasn’t rejected. Yeah!! My being all of old, didn’t matter in this I was excited and quite justified with squealing.

Hmmm… next month sooo needs to get here.

Moral of the story- Keep checking the post office box more than once a week.