a child screams

awake in the night

the parents do not know

what caused such a fright

are they blind

in daylight hours

can they not see

a child voiceless during the day

locked by secrets

no one can sway

knowledge abounds

and suspicions grow

but the reality of play

must not be known

years pass by

no longer awake I scream

an act perpetuated

a consequence known

yet unknown

release of secrets

pulled back in shame

do they not know

from whence it came

can they not see

what is hurting me?

The burning shame

For I do know the name

An act repeated

Results of ill-repute

But no one to listen

With patience and care

Can they not see

That I am weary.

I’m tired

I hurt

I’m scared of the night

I try and I try

But I can’t set it right

Not all alone

Not by myself

Is there anyone

With patience and care?