This month’s prompt: Steampunk/Retro-Future

Steampunk and Retro-Futurism are genres that take the aesthetics and technology of the past (the Victorian era, interwar Art Deco era, etc.) and add futuristic technology. Examples include The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, the Downey Sherlock Holmes films, and (or so I’m told) some wacky Japanese animes like Fullmetal Alchemist, Steamboy, and a bunch of the Miyazakis.
Participants and posts:
Angyl78 – (You are HERE)
Somewhere in Space…

“Ma’am” Corporal Alexander moved out of the Commander’s way as she stormed past.

“What happened?” The young soldier next to him asked.

Looking down, Zander took in the young man’s wide eyes, “First time seeing a storm?”


“Come on we better head to the engine room, I’ll explain it there.”

Of course once they were in the engine room, well if things could have gone better… There was no better. Zander walked into a steaming mess, someone had not changed out a filter causing the whole engine room to be covered in moisture. At least now he knew the cause of the Commander’s fit. Someone was going to pay, most likely him whether he was here or not. The Commander fully believed that you were responsible for those below you and if they screwed up you screwed up. The shit rolled down hill too though.  Personally he thought it was a bit archaic the way the military was still run. Though, it was impressive that their Commander was a commander of a battle ship. The huge ships in space were coveted by all the enlisted and to reach Commander of a ship was a level all on its own. The stars awarded to UN Michaels were impressive, even though most were rescue missions turned wrong. Some of the brass up top still thought women were too sensitive and forgot that this far in the future, women were mages. And mages? Well if they weren’t in control were not allowed in space in command of a ship. And their commander was one of the best, the fact she was stomping about ship in a skirt? Well that could only mean she was going to go play nice with the other commanders and fight for the right to actually go into battle.

Zander didn’t mind that they were not on the front lines. They still saw plenty of action and the men and women aboard the ship, even without the battle trophies, stayed because the Commander was fair. Play nice with others and you weren’t kicked out of the sand box. Thankfully because their Commander was a mage, she could not be removed from command of the ship. The rest of them, well so far ten years in, he was still here. The new cook? If the chow didn’t improve, hopefully he would be gone tomorrow.

All this though would not help, if he didn’t get the engines back on line and working and at least have a plausible answer as to why the filter didn’t get changed.

Commander Zwren stopped in front of the doors that entered into the command room and gathered her composure. If she hadn’t been a commander her fit would have been acceptable on the planet. In space, on one of the only functioning steam ships, her fit was not to be approved of. What did they think she would do? Explode her ship? Nope, maybe theirs.

“Gentlemen, I do apologize as I seem to be having a minor detail to look after.”

“All is well?” The Nebula commander asked, his aura presenting dark and oily.

If Zwren had to guess, he was behind the recent sabotage. She was going to have to send Zander and the new soldier through all of the staffing again. God, she hated wasting man hours like this but she would not run a ship that was not harmonious.  Sabotage, a headache, a crappy cook; who was leaving tomorrow; bureaucratic delays and no answer from her mentor were all starting to wear on her. If all things went correctly they would head out tomorrow with another two mages on board and be off to an exploration mission instead of an evacuation/rescue/not-in-the-trenches mission. If they went badly? Well she just may owe her crew a vacation while she apologizes and pieces back together the rest of commands ships. Who were all experiencing the same sabotage she was. Whoever started this was getting it back. Now if all the ships would just put mages on their commanding circle have the problem Starfleet was experiencing would disappear. She had had to go through her sisters for approval over this latest round of sabotage scheme to make sure it wouldn’t bite her in the butt later on.

“IT’S A GO” flashed across the bottom of her screen. She felt her flight officer moving the ship out of its berth; they would teleport the cook to his new destination tomorrow. Zander had fixed the engine somehow.

“Yes, everything is well. We’ll have to have more of these meetings gentlemen, but at a later date. I was just informed that I have a mission of the utmost importance.”

“Now see here!” The Nebulan commander started… The next five minutes was a mess of her superiors and senior commanders discussing loudly the fact that she was leaving their intimate control.

“Gentlemen!” Zwren let some power flow through her words touching all of them, just a little. If the Nebulan jumped, it wasn’t her fault, there were after all twenty men throughout this solar system she needed to shut up.  “My command group is waiting for me. As this mission supersedes the meeting you requested regarding clean-up of this solar system I am afraid I will have to take my leave. I wouldn’t want to upset the Starfleet Command.”

Various agreeing murmurs flew across the intercom, “Good bye Gentlemen.” Zwren closed the communication circuit and released her hold on the interlock to the communications room allowing Zander to fall through it as it opened.

Looking at the corporal on the floor at her feet, “You needed something Zander?”

His words were lost in the explosion that followed, time allowing for Zwren to grab him and teleport to…