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November 2013


“OH my god!! Is that a turkey??”

Heather looked over her shoulder at Max. “Yes?”

“Yes that’s a turkey or Yes you think that is a turkey?”

Heather looked back into the oven. Well it kind of looked like a turkey. At least it had started as a turkey. What it was now was jerky. “Maybe we should order pizza?”

“Oh no! I did not just spend the last two days cooking all of this food to turn around and buy pizza. Pizza does not go with stuffing or cranberry sauce! I did not just do that!”

“Calm down. I have a ham.”

“A ham? Oh, you are not cooking it. Move over!

Heather moved out of the way glad to leave her roommate to the cooking. How he could cook up a gourmet meal and swear up and down he had no interest in becoming a chef she had no clue. Max cooked better than some of the diners around where they lived. It was good for her, just not her waist-line.

“How many people are coming again?”

“Uh, ten or twelve?”

“Go get another ham.”

“No, are you serious?”

Max grabbed her purse, shoving it and her keys at her as he herded her out of the door, “Go. I’ll be here. I’ll let everyone in. You just have to go get the biggest ham you can find.”

“Ok. I’ll try to hurry.”

Heather walked out the door of apartment to brave the crazy masses. Hopefully she could find a store open so she could get the ham and get back as soon as possible.


Tied for the Night

imagesCA8A3O8LBear left the room. He could stand in the kitchen and see into the bedroom. He would never have left Cliff tied up alone in a room. But well, he needed to call Jake. Cliff and Sue were tied together, the only way to get her to sleep soundly. It was three in the morning and she had been up every half hour wondering around the house. It had started to drive him nuts. But he couldn’t be upset with her.

“Jake here.”

“Sorry to wake you. This is Bear.”

“Yeah I know, what’s wrong.”
“I’m at Sue’s. Alex left her.”
“Yeah that about sums it up.”
“You need anything?”
“No, Cliff and I have it this weekend. But I’m thinking she’s going to need to come be babysat at the clubs on the weekends until she can function on her own.”

“Okay, thanks for the heads up. I know there is more. I’ll call back tomorrow, no later today, after I talk to Frank.”
“Thanks Jake.”

Bear hung up his phone and did a quick look around the apartment before heading back to the bed. Lucky for him Sue and Cliff were small, tied together they occupied about the same space as one person. Good thing Sue’s bed wasn’t small, else he’d be sleeping in a chair.

Bear laid down, grabbed the covers and closed his eyes. He’d try to get some sleep before dealing with this nightmare later.

Absolute Write – November Blog Chain

Unicorn Droppings

This is this month’s prompt. For November?

Frances stood on the knoll looking down at the large group of workers down in the valley. He stood there and watched them dumbfounded. “Hey Kylee!!!” Frances waited until Kylee walked up, “Look at this they’re picking up after us. Kinda gross huh?”

Kylee laughed. “Oh boy! I wonder what they’re doing with it this time. I think last time some monkey-man was trying to sell it melted down for headaches.”

“Who’s going to go ask?”

“You both can.” Their mother walked up to them, “Just change. I think if you went as you are they would loose their minds.”

Frances headed towards the grove and shifted form. He grabbed his clothes out of his bag from where he had left it and quickly put them on. He wondered who had sent the workers out and from which village they came from. The herd had skirted three or four villages in the last few days as they moved north to the cooler climates for the summer. He thought maybe he would cross over the channel and stay in Ireland for the time. It would be nice to get out on his own, but for now he needed to go down with Kylee to see what was what.

“Maybe we should walk around the hill and come from the other side. Just to keep them away from the herd?”

They walked back away from the herd, out of site of the workers until the sun was shadowed by the hill. The trek around the hill was long and sweaty leaving the two men thirsty by the time the workers were in site.

The men were in site and then the wind shifted no longer blowing from them but to them, leopards.

“Well, well, well, what have we here?” A large man stood up from the tree he had been leaning against just as more ‘workers’ surrounded them.

Crap, no Ireland this summer.

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Ligers’ Pride

Mary lifted her head form where it rested on her paws, looking out over the porch she watched the dust from the truck driving up the long drive to the ranch house. Shifting, she moved to lean against the post railing by the stairs and sent a message to her litter mates. Travis came to lean against her as she waiting for the rest of their brothers to arrive.

“Better shift Trav, I have a feeling you are going to want to meet this one on two feet.”

Travis shifted and their brothers arrived to stand behind them at the same time as the truck pulled up.

“Call dad in, it’s the pack from the next county.” Her litter mates had arrived and they all looked down at Travis, being the runt of the second litter he was smaller than them, but how he knew it was a pack?

“I didn’t recognize the scent, how come you did?” Brent asked their brother.

“I ran into them the other day…”

“You didn’t tell us?” Kyle asked walking up to the porch to stand in front of them at the bottom of the steps.

Their dad walked out just then, “Stand down. Trav told me already and the Alpha called to come see us.”

Mary watched as what could only be the alpha stepped out of the car, she felt Trav stiffen next to her. This was the wolf who had taken over the neighboring pack a few months back. She wasn’t sure what all had happened, she just knew her little pride of ligers and assorted misfits were no longer harassed by the pack when they went for their runs.


He’s my mate sis…

Mary looked down at her brother and smiled. “Go on” she nudged him down the stairs. The alpha looked up at her as her brother barreled down the stairs. She didn’t know how the wolves did it, but tigers?, well cats they went when they found their mates. As the eldest and the enforcer of her small pride she could put a halt on the mating to ensure both parties were going to be good. This, well this just explained Trav’s bounciness for the past few days.

Mary looked up seeing another car barreling down the long drive. “Dad?”

“It may be the sheriff.”

The alpha stepped forward, Trav tucked under his arm looking happy as a clam in a sand bed. “I ran into him earlier, said he’d be heading this way. Alpha Scott.” He held his hand out to her father.

“Max. This is the elders, Mary, Brent and Kyle. Trav is part of youngers.”

“Those two are on their way I called them in. Pierre is with them.” Pierre was a coyote shifter they had adopted with the second litter. He had been born two days after the younger ones, his mom dying in childbirth having been chased by who knew what. After dealing with the pack’s past alpha, she had her suspicions. How he would deal with large wolves she didn’t know. Everytime they let him off the ranch he ended up in trouble. Then again every time he left the ranch it was with the wonder twins. How those three got into trouble so quickly? Hopefully the new sheriff would be able to keep an eye on them when they went into town. If rumors were correct and they usually were, he had purchased the little bit of land between their pridelands and the town.

A delicious scent preceded the opening of the sherif’s car door that had just pulled in and parked to the side of Alpha Scott’s truck. Honey and clover with a little wood. The large man who stepped out of the car defined what he was, bear. Mate. Mary sucked in a deep breath at the same time steel-gray eyes locked onto her.

Trav’s giggle brought her out of her surprise “What?”

“I was just thinking you about killed Kyle last week for wrecking your stuffed bear, and now fate seemed fit to give you a real one.”

“Sheriff McAarnth” the sheriff pulled his hat off his head showing that while he may be a bear, his head was shaved clean. What glorious contrast.

“Man all we need now is Pierre to show up and be the mate of the beta.”

Mary looked at Brent as Trav started giggling again, if it wasn’t for his mate holding him up he would probably would have been on the ground. “Care to share with the class Trav?”

“e’s not the beta’s mate.”


Oh boy!! It’s that time of year again. Pull out the needles and start on scarves and hats. I have a new pattern I am trying out. I can get the scarf done just right. The hat? Well not so much. I have taken it out like twice now. I think I finally got the decrease right, but the size was to short. So, I’ll put it away for tonight and try again tomorrow. The scarf I did? Well, it is long enough, and warm enough, but it keeps curling. Something about the way the edges are done. Oh well. I can figure it out for the next one. Who knew being creative could be so tiring.

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