Oh boy. I think I am going to be able to do this. I will definitely need your help. How do I ask for it? I don’t want to. I do but I do not want to rely on you. I know I am supposed to trust you with all of me, but all of me is not always good. All of me is not always what I want to trust you with. In this I need your help sir, I need you to remind me that I can trust you. I can trust you to hold me, to be there when I lose it. I need you to remind me that I can write. I can finish my assignment, that I am not a bad parent that as long as I try my hardest you will always be there for me. And on the days that I fail and feel like I am not going anywhere, you’ll remind me that it is okay. I am okay and you will take me out of myself, let me regroup, make me regroup, face the reality and love me no matter what. I will love you. Besides Sir, you are mine.