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This month’s prompt:
Lions, Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!

Our spooky October prompt posits a trio of scary critters. Do what you will with them!

As always, your entry can be prose, poetry, play, fiction, nonfiction.

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Ligers’ Pride

Mary lifted her head form where it rested on her paws, looking out over the porch she watched the dust from the truck driving up the long drive to the ranch house. Shifting, she moved to lean against the post railing by the stairs and sent a message to her litter mates. Travis came to lean against her as she waiting for the rest of their brothers to arrive.

“Better shift Trav, I have a feeling you are going to want to meet this one on two feet.”

Travis shifted and their brothers arrived to stand behind them at the same time as the truck pulled up.

“Call dad in, it’s the pack from the next county.” Her litter mates had arrived and they all looked down at Travis, being the runt of the second litter he was smaller than them, but how he knew it was a pack?

“I didn’t recognize the scent, how come you did?” Brent asked their brother.

“I ran into them the other day…”

“You didn’t tell us?” Kyle asked walking up to the porch to stand in front of them at the bottom of the steps.

Their dad walked out just then, “Stand down. Trav told me already and the Alpha called to come see us.”

Mary watched as what could only be the alpha stepped out of the car, she felt Trav stiffen next to her. This was the wolf who had taken over the neighboring pack a few months back. She wasn’t sure what all had happened, she just knew her little pride of ligers and assorted misfits were no longer harassed by the pack when they went for their runs.


He’s my mate sis…

Mary looked down at her brother and smiled. “Go on” she nudged him down the stairs. The alpha looked up at her as her brother barreled down the stairs. She didn’t know how the wolves did it, but tigers?, well cats they went when they found their mates. As the eldest and the enforcer of her small pride she could put a halt on the mating to ensure both parties were going to be good. This, well this just explained Trav’s bounciness for the past few days.

Mary looked up seeing another car barreling down the long drive. “Dad?”

“It may be the sheriff.”

The alpha stepped forward, Trav tucked under his arm looking happy as a clam in a sand bed. “I ran into him earlier, said he’d be heading this way. Alpha Scott.” He held his hand out to her father.

“Max. This is the elders, Mary, Brent and Kyle. Trav is part of youngers.”

“Those two are on their way I called them in. Pierre is with them.” Pierre was a coyote shifter they had adopted with the second litter. He had been born two days after the younger ones, his mom dying in childbirth having been chased by who knew what. After dealing with the pack’s past alpha, she had her suspicions. How he would deal with large wolves she didn’t know. Everytime they let him off the ranch he ended up in trouble. Then again every time he left the ranch it was with the wonder twins. How those three got into trouble so quickly? Hopefully the new sheriff would be able to keep an eye on them when they went into town. If rumors were correct and they usually were, he had purchased the little bit of land between their pridelands and the town.

A delicious scent preceded the opening of the sherif’s car door that had just pulled in and parked to the side of Alpha Scott’s truck. Honey and clover with a little wood. The large man who stepped out of the car defined what he was, bear. Mate. Mary sucked in a deep breath at the same time steel-gray eyes locked onto her.

Trav’s giggle brought her out of her surprise “What?”

“I was just thinking you about killed Kyle last week for wrecking your stuffed bear, and now fate seemed fit to give you a real one.”

“Sheriff McAarnth” the sheriff pulled his hat off his head showing that while he may be a bear, his head was shaved clean. What glorious contrast.

“Man all we need now is Pierre to show up and be the mate of the beta.”

Mary looked at Brent as Trav started giggling again, if it wasn’t for his mate holding him up he would probably would have been on the ground. “Care to share with the class Trav?”

“e’s not the beta’s mate.”