Unicorn Droppings

This is this month’s prompt. For November?

Frances stood on the knoll looking down at the large group of workers down in the valley. He stood there and watched them dumbfounded. “Hey Kylee!!!” Frances waited until Kylee walked up, “Look at this they’re picking up after us. Kinda gross huh?”

Kylee laughed. “Oh boy! I wonder what they’re doing with it this time. I think last time some monkey-man was trying to sell it melted down for headaches.”

“Who’s going to go ask?”

“You both can.” Their mother walked up to them, “Just change. I think if you went as you are they would loose their minds.”

Frances headed towards the grove and shifted form. He grabbed his clothes out of his bag from where he had left it and quickly put them on. He wondered who had sent the workers out and from which village they came from. The herd had skirted three or four villages in the last few days as they moved north to the cooler climates for the summer. He thought maybe he would cross over the channel and stay in Ireland for the time. It would be nice to get out on his own, but for now he needed to go down with Kylee to see what was what.

“Maybe we should walk around the hill and come from the other side. Just to keep them away from the herd?”

They walked back away from the herd, out of site of the workers until the sun was shadowed by the hill. The trek around the hill was long and sweaty leaving the two men thirsty by the time the workers were in site.

The men were in site and then the wind shifted no longer blowing from them but to them, leopards.

“Well, well, well, what have we here?” A large man stood up from the tree he had been leaning against just as more ‘workers’ surrounded them.

Crap, no Ireland this summer.

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