imagesCA8A3O8LBear left the room. He could stand in the kitchen and see into the bedroom. He would never have left Cliff tied up alone in a room. But well, he needed to call Jake. Cliff and Sue were tied together, the only way to get her to sleep soundly. It was three in the morning and she had been up every half hour wondering around the house. It had started to drive him nuts. But he couldn’t be upset with her.

“Jake here.”

“Sorry to wake you. This is Bear.”

“Yeah I know, what’s wrong.”
“I’m at Sue’s. Alex left her.”
“Yeah that about sums it up.”
“You need anything?”
“No, Cliff and I have it this weekend. But I’m thinking she’s going to need to come be babysat at the clubs on the weekends until she can function on her own.”

“Okay, thanks for the heads up. I know there is more. I’ll call back tomorrow, no later today, after I talk to Frank.”
“Thanks Jake.”

Bear hung up his phone and did a quick look around the apartment before heading back to the bed. Lucky for him Sue and Cliff were small, tied together they occupied about the same space as one person. Good thing Sue’s bed wasn’t small, else he’d be sleeping in a chair.

Bear laid down, grabbed the covers and closed his eyes. He’d try to get some sleep before dealing with this nightmare later.