“OH my god!! Is that a turkey??”

Heather looked over her shoulder at Max. “Yes?”

“Yes that’s a turkey or Yes you think that is a turkey?”

Heather looked back into the oven. Well it kind of looked like a turkey. At least it had started as a turkey. What it was now was jerky. “Maybe we should order pizza?”

“Oh no! I did not just spend the last two days cooking all of this food to turn around and buy pizza. Pizza does not go with stuffing or cranberry sauce! I did not just do that!”

“Calm down. I have a ham.”

“A ham? Oh, you are not cooking it. Move over!

Heather moved out of the way glad to leave her roommate to the cooking. How he could cook up a gourmet meal and swear up and down he had no interest in becoming a chef she had no clue. Max cooked better than some of the diners around where they lived. It was good for her, just not her waist-line.

“How many people are coming again?”

“Uh, ten or twelve?”

“Go get another ham.”

“No, are you serious?”

Max grabbed her purse, shoving it and her keys at her as he herded her out of the door, “Go. I’ll be here. I’ll let everyone in. You just have to go get the biggest ham you can find.”

“Ok. I’ll try to hurry.”

Heather walked out the door of apartment to brave the crazy masses. Hopefully she could find a store open so she could get the ham and get back as soon as possible.